Logitech C310 Web Camera | Video Lighting Correction

Logitech C 310 camera is another best cheap logitech web camera. This camera is the best choice for under $50 webcam. With the price, you can get 720 HD resolutions on the video. Wide angle 60 degrees lens make your skype video call looks wider. If you want more cheaper web camera, you can choose Logitech C 270.

Logitech C 310
Logitech C 310

Lighting Correction

The branding tag of this camera is Video with lighting correction. Logitech know that lighting is the most problems of the pc cams. As in the photograpy, lighting is also important in the video. Because it can make some trouble if you get underlight or even overlight on the video. Both of underlight and overlight can broke your video calls, because your face will not display smooth and good. If you are a pro, you can easily set your room with lighting and other stuff that can make your video look smooth and good. But if you are a beginner or don’t want to bother about the lighting you can use the Logitech C 310.

Adjust Video Light

The C310 adjusts to the lighting conditions to produce brighter, contrasted videos. So if you make a video calls outside with your phone or tablet, and the light is too shiny, the camera will adjust the lighting automatically. So your video will not get over exposure. This is the best features on this camera, and you can get it under $50.

Software and Drivers

This camera will automatically detected on Windows and Mac OS. So you not necessary need a drivers. The software of this camera is the settings software. The software provides easy access to camera controls. Below is the list of the software features:

  • Provides Multi-Camera support
  • Removal of Background Replacement
  • Incorporates access and ease to firmware updates
  • Enhancements to user experience

You can download the software from the official website. Just follow the official download link, then choose your OS.


As the price, you will get some limitation. Such as the Microphone is still mono, and the camera is not rotational. This is still reasonable, because the price is low. If you want those feature, consider to buy over $50 cams.

Logitech C 310 Specification



Video Quality






Field of View




OS Support

Windows® 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7

Works in USB Video Device Class (UVC) mode with supported video-calling clients:

macOS® 10.10 or later
Chrome OS™
Android™ v 5.0 or above


Works with Skype™ – Google Hangouts™ – FaceTime® for Mac®


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